I'm building my site locally at the moment using the mamp server. I've never had this happen before until today where things seem to break down out of the blue. The first time I had an issue my asset folder disappeared, it wasn't in the trash or anywhere to be found. The second time suddenly I wasn't able to log in to the cp and I also wasn't able to view my site, I was getting an error telling me my collection named "projects" didn't exist, even though it was there in my site files untouched. I proceeded to take everything out of my "projects" collection folder, made a new "folder.yaml" copied and pasted the contents from the old one, then put everything back into the folder. At that point the site came back but again all the images were gone, this time around the folder is still in my files but they don't appear on my site. I then also had to create a new user to login to the cp as for some reason it didn't seem to see that I had one already, in the cp it says my assets folder is missing even though its there in my files... ah that was a longwinded, but I really like to know whats causing this!

Answered by Frederic Bouin! Go to answer.