Well, dangit. This is still a recurring issue for me... commas always getting in the way of my doing things quickly and easily!

I am working with two kinds of entries - degrees and scholarships - and each kind is related to a program (like a department in my organization) using tags. So I'm trying to create a list of scholarships available to students based on the degree they're viewing, using any mutual program tags.

So on a page that lists scholarships available for a particular degree, I am trying to do something like this:

{{ entries:listing folder="/scholarships" conditions="program:{ program_option_list }" }}
    <div>{{ title }}</div>
{{ /entries:listing }}

I need to use the conditions_escape modifier because I have ONE program whose name contains commas, but adding it to the above conditions="program:{ program_option_list|conditions_escape }" causes it to stop working for all. :( Suggestions?

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