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Hi Guys!

I am currently part of the dev-team rebuilding a big existing blog site. Currently it is based on Wordpress, which in my opinion is a nightmare, but that is more of a personal thing as well. But I want the editorial team (well, actually just a team of two) to enjoy using the cms itself. I have not used Statamic in production so far (Kirby a lot, so flat-file is now actually my prefered cms-style), except playing around locally a bit so I wanted to ask some experts what they are thinking. Would you use Statamic for a blog of a scale like (this is not the project I am working on, but definitely this size) and transform all existing Wordpress-content into Statamic?

The site/blog extremely image-heavy and has currently about 400,000 visits a month and is growing, and if that's important: about 75 % are visiting the blog on desktop.

Number of posts: about 1,300. Number of images: somewhere between 8,000 to 10,500. While about at least 40% I guess is old content I am currently unsure if the editorial team wants to continue these on the new site. With these figures in mind I guess a flat file cms is not recommended, what do you think?

I googled a lot, listened to Daniel Fowlers Interview on but still unsure...

Thanks for your opinions on this topic.

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