Looking for feedback from some folks who've done this already: I've got a project running on Statamic1, gonna move to statamic2.

This project's got its own git repository that I've had continuously from day 1. I'd like to preserve the full history even with this upgrade to Statamic V2.

I was thinking forking repo with a new project2 repo. But, based on what I'm seeing in the Statamic2 documentation for upgrading, seems you should export the version1 site data and then start your project as a clean slate with V2 and instead import the v1 site content into the new v2 site.

The site only uses 1 3rd party addon for globals. And has the Raven forms addon as well. And also uses one of my custom themes.

I've developing locally using virtual hosts and .local domain.

If any of you have/are doin this, can you offer suggestions on your strategy?

Answered by Jason Varga! Go to answer.