I've got this block of code to loop through a list of social profiles

    <li class="social-links__item">
        <a href="{{network_url}}" class="social-links__link">{{theme:output src='svgs/{{network}}.svg'}} <!-- {{network}} --></a>

This works locally on Valet, displaying the appropriate SVG but not on the test server. I've also tried {{theme:output src='svgs/{network}.svg'}} to no avail. {{network}} definitely exists as a variable (the html comment was for testing an output the appropriate thing).

The SVGs themselves are also fine as if I just paste the SVG code, it's fine. The SVG files definitely exist within the themes svg directory.

Test server is a standard Forge/Digital Ocean server. Can't think what would be missing?

Answered by Jack McDade! Go to answer.