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Locale issues: second locale not viewable

Peter Emil van den Berg November 13, 2017 by Peter Emil van den Berg

Hi there! Just getting grips with Statamic to see if its cuts the cake for my client work. I have some issues getting locales to work properly.

I'm working in local environment. On install of the demo I created an additional locale (Dutch).

I created a localised title and paragraph on the homepage, then saved. I can't use the Live Preview on the locale however, and viewing the localised page (http://statamic.dev/nl) in a browser window however gives me the "Uh oh page not found" error.

Second issue is that I need the locale nl to be the default locale. When I change line 66 in index.php to $locale = 'nl' however the site is totally unreachable.

Answered by Peter Rainer!
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