Got another image related problem… So after updating from 2.1.2 to current the images on two of my pages no longer display?

They show up in the back end editor for each page and the inside the asset manager. I've done nothing else to the site except update Statamic.

Here's a snippet of the page yml file.

title: Locations
create_title: ""
taxonomies: false
    type: assets
    display: Hero Image
    instructions: The image must be at least 1300 pixels wide and 500 pixels tall.
    container: main
    folder: hero-images
    max_files: 1

Here's a snippet from the page template where I call an image

  <img class="column hero-img"
  src="{{ glide:hero_image width="1270" height="500" fit="crop_focal" quality="90" }}"
  srcset="{{ glide:hero_image width="400" height="200" fit="crop_focal" quality="90" }} 400w,
          {{ glide:hero_image width="600" height="250" fit="crop_focal" quality="80" }} 600w,
          {{ glide:hero_image width="800" height="350" fit="crop_focal" quality="80" }} 800w,
          {{ glide:hero_image width="1270" height="500" fit="crop_focal" quality="90" }} 1270w"

  alt="{{ alt }}"

Any ideas? Thanks again for all the help!