Sorting of entires (blog comments ) by date (granularity is down to the hour) is not working intraday

Raven saves comments to my blog postings in the format
So, if a user comments today (30.9.) and hits the send-button at 4:21 p.m. and 15 seconds, Raven would generate the following time-string
{slug} is the blog post´s title.

I want the comments to show up oldest first and then you scroll down to the newest comment.
first commment = oldest, last comment = youngest.

This is the code I use:

{{ entries:listing folder="comments" sort_by="date" sort_dir="asc" }}

This works fine as long as I get one comment per day. Statamic knows,that
2014-09-29.... comes before 2014-09-30.....
This is fine. My problem is: When I get 2 or more comments per day the sorting doesn´t work.

I get

but I need it the other way around. The first comment actually is the answer I gave at 8 p.m. to a question, that was brought up at 5 p.m. OK, 17:58 is more like 6 p.m. ;-)

You can see a real life example here

First there is a batch of comments from the 29th of September, then the comment from the 30th of Sept. This is fine and how it shoud be. But the comments from the 29th of September are all mixed up.

This is how I WANT them to be sorted and this is the way my FTP-Programm sorts them, when I sort by date
First comment came in 29th of Sept at 12:24, last on the 29th was the comment from 19:54, then today the first one on 09:36.
BTW: Here we have an improvement, because in earlier versions of Raven the zero was missing, so I had to add a "0" to "9:36" to make it work.

This is, how Statamic puts them on the page

The 29ers are sort of in reverse order, but not completely. All is a bit randomly.

It´s very annoying, bacause the conversation flow is broken. Now, as the site begins to become more popular, this needs to be fixed. In earlier months I was happy to get a comment once in a while, so intraday sorting didn´t matter, but now it does.


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