Raven: Return not working

Hallo Jack, you wrote on 19.9 from the old support-system regarding this issue:

"We found what was going on. It turns out, for whatever reason, some versions of Apache don't like redirecting headers to a relative URL (e.g. /form-success) even though the spec says it should work. We've rewritten the redirect method to ensure absolute URLs (which is technically preferred according to spec, as it's 100% reliable). We'll get a patched version of Raven and Statamic out hopefully by the end of the day, otherwise first thing Monday."

This was last week´s Monday. I downloaded and installed the latest version of Raven, but for me return is still not working. Does this mean

  • I´m a very special case
  • You haven´t uploaded the patch yet
  • I also have to update Statamic, which I didn´t do.

Regards Albert

Answered by Albert Warnecke!
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