Related Entries based on Current Entry's Tags and Excluding Current Entry

I'd like to put related entries (based on current entry's tags) on each blog post, but exclude the current entry itself from being listed. So far I have:

{{ collection:blog url:isnt="{ current_url }" taxonomy:tags="{ title ensure_right=" |" }" }}
          <p><a href="{{ url }}">{{ title wrap="strong" }}{{ sub_title ensure_left=" // " wrap="span" }}</a></p>
{{ /collection:blog }}

But it ONLY lists the current post. Eventually I'd like to make the "Related Posts" listing rich with the images and stuff from the posts, but I'm using the above code just for testing.

I can't find any solutions on Google that quite get at what I'm needing, or maybe I'm blind. Thanks for any help you can give.

Answered by Logan Greer!
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