I'm hoping someone can point me to some documentation on how to visually customize the Statamic V2 login screen. I knew how to do some of this on V1, but not sure best approach on V2.

We'd like to change elements like the background image on login screen.

I've already begun adding custom styles to override.css to remove the blurry.jpg image that's there.

But I'm not sure where any new custom background image should be stored.

Login screen template

I'd also like to know how I'd switch the "{S}" logo for a client's business logo on the login screen. Can we create a template based off of what controls the default login screen?

Recommended Resources?

I haven't yet found any detailed info on the best way to to customize this area and the CP. If this info is already well documented, and I'm missing it - my apologies.

Thanks in advance,

Answered by Jason Varga! Go to answer.