Collection: output of Replicator date-based list

I'm working on a collection which is a list of theater-productions.

Every production can have multiple dates when its performed. I've created a replicator for this, with keys for date and time, location, city and ticket link (only showing the date-related code):

title: Productions
    type: replicator
    display: Performances
    order: desc
        display: Performance
            type: date
            allow_time: true

I'm in need for a solution to loop through all dates of a production and only show the viewer the start and end date. So it looks like

<h3>{{ production_title }}</h3>
<p>5 Augustus 2017 – 2 November 2017</p>

Hope my question makes sense, otherwise I'm glad to give more info :)

Answered by Peter Emil van den Berg!
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