outputting variables as classes

I would like to use isotope.js to filter entries in various groupings defined by their variables. Isotope uses class names to differentiate the groups and filter them. So what I am trying to do is output each variable related to the various entries (ex. price, category, name etc.) as html classes for each respective one.

So if my content file for "product01" looks like this :

title: Product01
    title: product01
    img: /assets/img/gallery/product01.jpg
price: "100.00"
featured_image: /assets/img/blog/product0101-20140930103500.jpg
  - first
  - statement

I want to be able to output each variable like this:

<div id="container">
  {{ entries:listing folder="shop" limit="20" }}
    <div class="item {{ slug }} {{ price }} {{ categories }} {{ my_options }}">
      <a href="{{ url }}"><img src="{{ featured_image }}"></a>
  {{ /entries:listing }}

In order to get the class names <div class="item product01 100.00 statement first">

The way I currently have it set up I am unable to fetch the category name nor the "my_options" name. I can't figure how I should set this up to output any variable within the class name.

Answered by Jack McDade!
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