Filter Collection by Taxonomy

I have a collection of news items and a page that should output any of the items that share a single taxonomy term (like, Issue No. 1, Issue No. 2). I've followed examples from the docs but I'm obviously not clear or else totally missing how this works.

I am working locally (MAMP) and set up my Statamic with...
• Taxonomy is named issue_number with one text field this_issue
• The taxonomy route is /news/health/quarterly/{slug}
• Collection is named issue and the taxonomy is displayed in its fieldset

I can successfully filter entries manually at "news/health/quarterly"... {{ collection:issue :taxonomy:issue_number="issue-no-2" }}

But I can not filter by the URL "/news/health/quarterly/issue-no-2"... {{ collection:issue taxonomy="true" }}

Instead it goes to a blank page and the debugger says...
No matching templates: [issue_number, taxonomy, default]

Out of desperation I tried the URL segment with the same result... {{ collection:issue :taxonomy:issue_number="{segment_4}" }}

FYI, in each case my closing tag is {{ /collection:issue }}

Any push in the right direction is appreciated!

Answered by Jason Varga!
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