I just started a new position as a web developer for an educational entity recently, and am taking over managing the website from the previous developer. I am admittedly pretty new to all of this so please bear with me.

I have set up WAMP in order to have a local test environment, and have copied over the files from our web server to the appropriate directory in WAMP, and have managed to get it working correctly so that the local version of the site displays correctly. I can navigate the files, edit them using Atom, and the changes are reflected correctly in the local version.

My issue comes with attempting to login to the /cp page. My login credentials that I can use for the live site do not seem to be working on the local site. I attempt to log in, and it basically redirects me to the login splash screen (/cp) on the LIVE site. I can input my credentials again and log in, but it logs me in to the control panel on the live site as opposed to the control panel of the test environment.

In setting up I literally just copied the directory from the live server to my local WAMP folder. Do I need to actually run the installation process for Statamic, and then manually copy over all the files & folders?

Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.