Hello Statamic-Team,

I have a weird error/bug/feature?? :)

Circumstances: - System locale is set to de_DE and is the default - Sync local and server via git

I try to output a value from a date-field (CP) with the modifier format_localized: - Output on the local-machine (Laravel Valet, PHP7): month name is written in german - Output on the production-server (Laravel Forge, PHP7): month name is written in english.

The documentation says about the format_localized modifier:

"[...] allow you to format it with PHP’s strftime format variables. It will use the current locale defined in your system settings."

The setting in the system is the same, but the output not (on the different machines).

Can you give me a hint about the source of the problem?

Is it possible, that the modifier don't use the current locale defined in the system settings of statamic, but some settings of the machine/server? I looked at the locales defined on the machines and both have the de_DE.UTF8 generated and use it.

Thanks for the help in advance!

Greetings, Patrik