Hey Lodge!

I just tried to install Statamic locally (using manual installation and MAMP). But the only thing I see is the Redwood start page without images or css and links are not working. • MAMP is set up correctly. • The Project is saved like this: User/Sites/ProjectName/ (I put the downloaded zip into sites and renamed "statamic-2.8.3" to "ProjectName") • I renamed sample.htaccess to .htaccess and it is in the same folder level as index.php

Because it did not work out, I tried several changes according to the docs or google: • index.php → $site_root = '/'; → $site_root = '/ProjectName'; • or $site_root = '/ProjectName/'; (note the slashes) • or even things like $site_root = '../ProjectName/' and so on • .htaccess → RewriteBase /ProjectName/ as well as → RewriteBase /public • Even tried in .htaccess → $rewrite_urls = false; to include the index.php into the url every single time.

But unfortunately nothing worked, all I still can see is the Start page without css and images (of course /about/ et cetera is working if I manually include /ProjectName in the localhost url).

I found a similar topic in the Lodge of someone that solved this topic himself by changing the site_root but unfortunately he did not post his solution.

Did I miss something important from the installation guide?

Sry for spamming with such an basic question, but still — Thanks a lot in advance.

Answered by Christian! Go to answer.