I have a collection of events. I want to use forms to register to an event. What I'm doing right now is this:

I have a form called "registration". This form appears on every event entry. Because all events share the same form, I need to be able to know for which event someone signed up for. To do this I created a hidden input field with the value of the title of the entry. This value gets submitted with the rest of the form input. Now I can sort the form submissions by the title of the event in the Control Panel.

I was wondering, if there's a better way to go about this? Something like dynamically creating a new form for each created event?

As well I want to display the names of registered people on each event page on the front end. I know that you can use the form:submissions tag to display submission data. Of course I only want to show the people that signed up to this certain event. When there's no one registered, I want to show a placeholder. How can I do this? I tried different things but can't quite get it to work the way I want to.

{{ form:set is="events" }}

  {{ form:submissions limit="1" }}
    {{ if event_title | doesnt_contain:title }}
      <p class="l-section__lead c-section__lead">No Participant</p>
    {{ /if }}
  {{ /form:submissions }}

  {{ form:submissions }}
    {{ if event_title | contains:title }}
      <p class="l-section__lead c-section__lead">{{ name }}</p>
    {{ /if }}
  {{ /form:submissions }}

{{ /form:set }}