While every piece of content fetches the existing translated parts this doesn't happen when using collection:next or collection:previous.

I am using the default demo-theme Redwood which I made multi locale. The first language is en, the second nl. I translated all of the content, including the blogposts. When I change locale all content except the collection:next part.

Do I miss something? Do I need to use {{ locale}} {{/locale}} within the {{collection:next}}{{/collection:next}} tag pair? I didn't change the template code in the Redwood theme:

<footer class="list article-footer">
    <div class="regular">
        <h6>Next Up <em>on the</em> Blog</h6>
        {{ collection:next in="blog" limit="2" scope="tag" url:not="{url}"}}
            {{ partial:block }}
        {{ /collection:next }}