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collection:next not working in multi locale

Peter Emil van den Berg February 4, 2018 by Peter Emil van den Berg

While every piece of content fetches the existing translated parts this doesn't happen when using collection:next or collection:previous.

I am using the default demo-theme Redwood which I made multi locale. The first language is en, the second nl. I translated all of the content, including the blogposts. When I change locale all content except the collection:next part.

Do I miss something? Do I need to use {{ locale}} {{/locale}} within the {{collection:next}}{{/collection:next}} tag pair? I didn't change the template code in the Redwood theme:

<footer class="list article-footer">
    <div class="regular">
        <h6>Next Up <em>on the</em> Blog</h6>
        {{ collection:next in="blog" limit="2" scope="tag" url:not="{url}"}}
            {{ partial:block }}
        {{ /collection:next }}
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