Hi folks

I just created a bard field, added some sets and fields, saved it. If i try to edit the saved bard field i get the following JS error in the console:

jabbascripts.js?v=2.8.7:17 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: t.iter is not a function at Sn (jabbascripts.js?v=2.8.7:17) at Ji (jabbascripts.js?v=2.8.7:18) at new Ko (jabbascripts.js?v=2.8.7:19) at Ko (jabbascripts.js?v=2.8.7:19) at YamlFieldtype.ready (jabbascripts.js?v=2.8.7:7) at YamlFieldtype.Sn.t._callHook (johnny-deps.js?v=2.8.7:6) at YamlFieldtype.e (johnny-deps.js?v=2.8.7:7) at YamlFieldtype.n (johnny-deps.js?v=2.8.7:6) at YamlFieldtype.Rn.t.$emit (johnny-deps.js?v=2.8.7:6) at YamlFieldtype.Sn.t._callHook (johnny-deps.js?v=2.8.7:6)

Also if i retry to reorder the bard field in my fieldset, i get the same error.

I work with the latest release of statamic 2.8.7 and i have no addons installed yet.

Thanks for any feedback