Hey guys,

I really love Statamic which I discovered recently. Unfortunately, I haven't found nice ecommerce addon for this system and I'm quite in hurry to deliver new project for my client (Bison where are you?)

I've made lot of shops on Shopify and I love their system too (except their content management and monthly fees). I decided to create new ecommerce addon that would use similar flow of Shopify, with some exceptions that I think should be fixed or handled in different way.

Let me introduce: Statamify.

Currently, I implemented small foundation for the addon and set of fields for Products. To handle complex products with many variations, I coded custom addon called Statamify Variations - thanks to it you can handle prices, inventories, etc for each of the variation.

I'm not the pro expert of PHP like guys here, I hate docs and I work alone - that's why everyone who'd like to help is invited.

Code is here: https://github.com/tavando/Statamify

Because I discovered Statamic just few days ago, I'm not very familiar with the architecture yet - so some solutions can be implemented differently, I do them as I think it should be handled.

Let me know what you think guys! And contact me if you want to help: hello@tavando.com

Some screenshots: All products

General Settings for Product

Relation Settings for Product