Statamic as headless CMS?

I've been experimenting with Wordpress's REST API. I like it.

I'm in the process of writing a couple client-side front-ends -- one in Nuxt.js (Vue) and one in Gatsby (React/GraphQL) -- to see if the idea of decoupled back-end (WordPress API) with a fully client-side front is a viable option (especially for smaller sites -- where the overall Wordpress theming experience remains, at least for me, overwhelmingly oppresive).

I know there's a fairly strong movement toward the headless CMS stuff -- Netlify CMS and Contentful especially.

Is there any talk for Statamic to go this route -- generate JSON-only via specific endpoints?

Or, is it -- in theory -- possible to create a JSON -- API-like Statamic theme where all the content is, in fact, rendered as JSON? I guess this wouldn't be authentically REST-ful, but it would allow one to use Statamic as an admin-only CMS with a front-end fully up to whatever client-side tool can fetch and render the JSON.

Answered by Jack McDade!
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