Missing content unless entry is saved/published (Statamic V1)

I'm moving a V1 (Statamic 1.6.5) site to a new production server and after the move to the new server (PHP 7.x) on many of the pages/entries the content is missing on the front end. It's still there when you look in the admin though. And if you click "Save and Publish" the content will then show up correctly on the front end - seemingly fixing everything.

This site has a lot of content, so I'd prefer not to have to edit every single page on at a time, in order for all of the ones with missing content to display correctly.

Any thoughts as to why the missing content might be happening and what exactly the "Save Publish" is doing that's fixing the problem?

Ideally I'd like to be able to address this within my code editor and fix all of my pages that way.

PS: This project is planned for migration to Statamic V2, but we've got to get the V1 site working in production first in order to finish the hosting migration.

Thanks, Reuben

Answered by Jason Varga!
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