Sum up times from several fields

So instead of just inputting several “times” manually and getting the client to use a calculator I want to automate this and to learn more by building a modifier. At least I believe its a modifier I need to build. I am not entirely sure as I am not really modifying 1 field but 2-4 fields.

I need to add 2 times (perhaps even 4) together to output total time. So prep-time + cook-time = total time. Since prep-time might be 1 hour and 20 min I guess the client needs to input this in 2 fields to split up hours and minutes. In that case it might sometimes be 4 fields I need to sum up.

I will get the client to add the prep-time and cook-time but then I want to be able to add those up and output “total time”.

I found this which I will use in my modifier/helper/addon Time conversion

So my questions are:

1) Is it a modifier or a tag I need to create? If modifier I wonder if I can apply this modifier to a piped | list of the fields.

2) What would you recommend in regards to input times? Get client to input all in minutes even if its more than 1 hour? Just to make the conversion easier?

Thank you

Answered by Rebecca Soll!
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