Like the title says... The URL in question is It works just fine on my local machine, and all of the other routes are working, it just breaks in production.

I'm running in Laravel Forge, the route for the file looks like this:

    template: gallery
    title: Gallery
  job-types: '/job-types/{slug}'

And the only statamic/antlers part of the template is this:

{{assets container="project_gallery"}} <div class="masonry__item col-lg-4 col-md-6 text-center" data-masonry-filter="{{relate:job_type}}{{title}}{{/relate:job_type}}"> <div class="project-thumb"> <a href="{{url}}"> <img alt="Image" class="border--round" src="{{ glide :src="url" width="300" height="200" fit="crop"}}" /> </a> <h4>{{relate:job_type}}{{title}}{{/relate:job_type}}</h4> {{if description}}<span>{{description}}</span>{{/if}} </div> </div> <!--end item--> {{/assets}}

Any ideas?