Pluck Modifier Helper & Global Taxonomies?

Messing around with this pluck modifier site helper:

public function pluck($values, $params, $context)
    return collect($values)->pluck($params[0])->toArray();

So that I can:

  - name: Garfield
    fur: orange
  - name: Grumpy
    fur: grey
  - name: Sylvester
    fur: black
{{ cats | pluck:name | sentence_list }}

Which outputs:

Garfield, Grumpy, and Sylvester

It works well, but just wondering if there is already a similar helper for this in statamic?

Also, could a modifier site helper like this be used on the global taxonomy tag, something like this?

{{ taxonomy:categories | show:all | pluck:title | sentence_list }}
Answered by Jason Varga!
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