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Glide preset issue

Peter Emil van den Berg April 28, 2018 by Peter Emil van den Berg

Started with Glide preset, following along Jacks screencast. Seems that preset on glide doesn’t work for me…

{{ assets container="img" }}
    <img src="{{ glide:url height="200" width="200" blur="25" }}">
  {{ /assets }}

results are OK, but

{{ assets container="img" }}
    <img src="{{ glide:url preset="thumbnail" }}">
  {{ /assets }}

results in just the image, no manipulations

my assets.yaml:

image_manipulation_route: /img
image_manipulation_secure: true
auto_crop: true
image_manipulation_driver: gd
image_manipulation_cached: false
    w: 200
    h: 200
    blur: 25
thumbnail_max_width: 6000
thumbnail_max_height: 6000

pretty standard stuff in there

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