Membership Redirection Include Query String Passing

Currently if I protect a page that requires login status (let's say to confirm their Email address or something) and I pass a confirmation query string to that URL in the process (/confirm-email?querystring=thisisaquerystring) if the user isn't logged in using the redirect functionality it redirects to the login form defined in protect.yaml

So far so good, except with allow_request_return="true" set in the login form on the login page it can only return to the URL passed which in my case the request (protected) page was /confirm-email

This results in a return URL as follows:


Problem is my query string information I passed to the confirm-email page originally has been removed. I was really hoping for this or similar:


Is there a way to make that work at the moment as I couldn't figure out how and if not, could we have an option to append any query strings to the end of the return URL? Could be very useful/powerful to have.

In the interim I'm asking users to go back to their Emails to re-click the confirmation link. Not ideal but it works for now.

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