A little new to Statamic so hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have created a new entry type called "person". I can add a new entry from the CP but I would like members (those logged in on the front-end) to also be able to add to this content type. Is this possible?

I would prefer not to give members access to the CP but there doesn't seem to be any way to allow the front-end to create a record. It looks like Raven might be able to do this, but before I go and blow more money, I just wanted to check that was the only way of doing it and I wasn't missing a step?

I'm tempted to just give members access to the CP (I think that's possible) or make them admin's instead but I'm hoping it's a simple case of created a


form> and somehow telling it to create a new entry in the content directory.

Any help, am I missing something or is Raven the way forward?

Answered by Ian Hubbard! Go to answer.