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Please do not turn into something else.

Richard Noakes October 5, 2014 by Richard Noakes

As a supporter and user of Statamic since launch I have a heartfelt plea.

It's fabulous, it powers what we need for most sites straight out of the box (with maybe raven if forms required), but continual plugins to do this, that the other etc make keeping things up to date when managing sites for clients quite a chore, introduces feature bloat and pushes up costs for all.

Also the quality of plugins, WP is noted for its extensive plugin library but the quality of many need to be questioned. Do we really want security patches every week or low quality plugins with exploits into the server core. Yes quality first party big extras such as bison do have a place imo but I am not sure about numerous field modifiers etc.

Statamic works, please do not turn it into the behemoths that are Drupal, WP, EE etc. They exist, they do the job for many, and in my opinion we do not need another one. Statamic has a niche (flat file system) which it has exploited brilliantly. Diluting it by bending it to do anything via plugins or feature bloat will I think kill the reason for using it, as well as inevitably increase costs as the list of "must have" add ons grow. Think EE with channel images, low variables, solspace forms etc etc. If you need a multisite manager, statamic probably should not be on your shopping list.

There is always a temptation to build new, more, better, but sometimes less is more. I remember reading something by Hillman Curtis about animation on sites, ask what it adds that actually is really needed. If the answer is nothing quantifiable then simply don't.

As a small developer/designer I need a simple flexible easy to maintain for me and easy to use for my clients system. Statamic fits that perfectly. Your onto a winner, please do not change (too much).

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