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Collection content starting with weird template

Seth Giammanco June 4, 2018 by Seth Giammanco

I have collection that when I am creating a new entry through cp it is defaulting to a weird template. It uses the "home" when I am trying to have it use "page"

Here is the folder.yaml that is in the collection folder

title: Client Pages
order: title
fieldset: page
template: page

I also checked my theming.yaml file in settings

theme: modl-team
default_layout: default
default_page_template: page
default_entry_template: post
default_taxonomy_template: taxonomy
error_template_folder: errors
default_fieldset: page
default_page_fieldset: page
default_entry_fieldset: entry
default_term_fieldset: term
default_asset_fieldset: asset
smartypants: false
allow_php: false
markdown_hard_wrap: false

Still when I am creating a new entry in my collection I am getting "home" as a template. What am I missing. This is a huge issue at the moment.

Answered by Seth Giammanco!
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