Issue updating to v2.8.11

I'm having an issue with one particular page on my site as I try and update to the latest version. It seems as though an update in v2.8.11 is what is causing the issue, but I'm not sure exactly what change is causing this, or how to fix it on my end.

The page in question works like this: we have a SharePoint site of documents that make up our policies and procedures. When changes are made in SharePoint, the new versions are automatically converted to PDF and sent to an asset folder on the web server. I made a template to display these files and sort them by filename. All the file names start with numbers, and those numbers dictate what the policy or procedure pertains to. (5-xxxx all deal with Human resources, for example).

So my template is set up with lines like this for each section:

          <ul class="catalog-home-list">
            <li class="catalog-header">
            {{ assets path="assets" folder="pandp" }}
            {{ if title | starts_with:2 }}
                <a href="{{ url }}">{{ title }}</a>
            {{ /if }}
            {{ /assets }}

It works fine with a link to each file displaying under the headings correctly in v2.8.10, but updating to v2.8.11 causes nothing to be displayed under my headings even though the files are still there on the server in the "pandp" assets folder.

Sorry for the long winded explanation, but any thoughts on this would be appreciated!

Answered by Jack McDade!
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