Unique ID for each item within Replicator

Is there a way to render a unique ID for each item within a replicator? For example, given a Replicator called people with a single field called name:

{{ people }}
  <li id="{{ id }}">{{ name }}</li>
{{ /people }}

The output is:

<li id="dd1b26d1-2f1c-4b25-a079-b20527dd0aa3">Edward</li>
<li id="dd1b26d1-2f1c-4b25-a079-b20527dd0aa3">Albert</li>
<li id="dd1b26d1-2f1c-4b25-a079-b20527dd0aa3">Steve</li>

Note the id is not unique for each "person". Is there a way to get unique IDs for each person?

Answered by Erin Dalzell!
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