Multidate for Statamic

Multidate for Statamic - a multiple datepicker

I launched Multidate for Statamic yesterday. It's free if you'd like it to be (for now).

If you've ever wanted to store multiple dates on a single entry, this is the add-on for you. No need to use Grid fieldtype, or a strange cascade of datepickers.

It's easy to setup. Just add the following piece of YAML to your fieldset.

  display: Multidate
  type: multidate
  mode: inline

Multidate's datepicker has two modes: inline and dropdown.

Multidate's dropdown mode

The dates are stored in the front matter for your entry as a comma-separated list.

In this example above, the multidate field's tag pair will pluck out each of the dates in the field. So, if you wanted to wrap each date inside a <p> tag, you would pass the 'classdates' field into the dates parameter in the {{ multidate }} tag. (All of this inside your {{ entries:listing }} tag, of course.)

{{ multidate dates="{classdates}" }}
  {{ dates }}
    <p>{{ value }}</p>
  {{ /dates }}
{{ /multidate }}

This is version 1.0 and I've got several feature ideas in the works. Multidate is pay-what-you-want for now, so now's a good time to get it.

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