hey there, i am new here.. i want to ask you guys for review..well it is hard to find statamic's review as it is not being use by lots of people like wordpress ( at least for now, maybe in the future more will come)

  1. my first concern is about security , any of you guys experience your site being hacked?
  2. this is also important, but i put 2nd on the list, which is, how statamic is performing?what is mean is the website built on statamic, is it fast? because it is built with php and not nodejs , so this question all of a sudden came to my mind.. disclaimer : before this i'm a fan of ghost blog, but want to change my mind because statamic seems to be more flexible than i thought
  3. do we really need a database ? i saw there is a support for the database, but what is it for? our blog subscriber? or is it for developer who wanna create a forum with statamic?
  4. blog post : is it a requirement for a blog to have database for the blog post? and if not using database, what happen? does it affect the performance of the blog (considering posting a blog on a weekly basis) ?
  5. instead of uploading image, is there an option to embed the image?
  6. can we put custom html into the blog post?this can be use for sponsorship

i don't try {{statamic}} yet, i know it is free, but not now because my personal computer are not well prepared for that (setup server etc2, plus i am new on Linux, so need to learn more about my current setup)