Ecommerce with {{Statamic}}

i have ask this before
but still searching for another allternatives
i have tried to take a look on {{statamify}} but have doubt to use it since it is an addon (which i guess should be maintained - the addon is free seems too good to be true by the way and i'm not skillful in PHP)
i try to contact the owner but no reply, maybe they are busy.. (this raise doubt to use it)

by the way, does anyone know ways to achieve simple ecommerce (with coupon code if possible)
i notice that snipcart and statamify use YAML to create the addon, maybe something can be done with that just to achieve simple buy-able button.. not selling much of product, just one or two product..and can apply coupon code and add quantity or note to seller, just that..

charge addons is interesting, unfortunately Stripe still not available in my country

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