Subfolder'ing Collections

I have a large editorial site that I've been charged with migrating (from an older version of Drupal) to a more capable platform. I've sold my client on Statamic, but now I'm wondering about the number of potential files in a single directory.

I read in this conversation that there may be something in the works -- but that seems to be from about ten months ago. Any update on a solution?

When I say larger scale, I mean in the 15-20k articles range, and I'm expecting it to grow at around 3-5k year for just this one collection type. This particular collection type is date-sorted (with several related taxonomies). Other content will be by category or even by alpha.

I know that I have some work to do in terms of caching and infrastructure -- but any suggestions on what can be done at the filesystem level to avoid problems?

Answered by Erin Dalzell!
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