Hello there,

I've got a bit of a struggle regarding the built-in search of statamic v2 (2.10.3). My client just needs some basic search functionality and doesn't want to integrate nor pay for a third party solution like agolia. The integrated statamic-search seems to work just alrigth, but as soon as special characters like ö, ä, ü or ß occur in the search terms statamic won't show any results even if the terms really should exist. a quick search reveals that the search index contains those chars as utf-codes like \u00fc or \u00e4. The locales in the system.yaml file are set to

    full: de_DE.utf8
    name: Deutsch
    url: /

and the key in the please-file is set to de accordingly. Internal language-strings do work fine like date-formatting.

Anything I'm missing here?