What's the best procedure to migrate users from Statamic v1 to v2? It looks like I can just copy them over. I just wanted to check if I'm going to run into trouble I hadn't thought of.

Note that I have enabled "emails as usernames". I already had re-wired v1 to use emails as usernames. I'll have to remove the "emails" field during migration, since v2 derives the email from the filename.

What about IDs? A cursory look indicates that v1's _uid is not constructed in the same was as v2's id. However, I was already using _uids to tie together users with certain entries. How should I approach this?

Just loading the CP adds new IDs to the users. So I could create an add-on that goes through the users and for each one: looks for entries using the old _uids, update them, and then removes the _uid from the user. Sound about right?

Also, the passwords seem to work just as they are.

Anything I've missed?

Answered by Jack McDade! Go to answer.