Statamic Forge Deployment New Content Not Appearing

So I've a new site setup with Forge on Digital Ocean. It's still in the creation phase so I made some CSS changes and added some places holders to make sure the navigation worked as intended. Commit new pages and CSS locally, push up to GitHub, which Forge see's and updates the server by pulling the changes in and restarting php-fpm.

However, when I visit the servers instance of the site the new CSS is present but the placeholder pages are not. The new content is on the server with files in the numbered folders and the basic details below since they have no content. Permissions are the same as with the pre-existing folders. The template exists as it's being used by the existing working pages.

template: bard_content
title: Contact
fieldset: content_page
id: a4029247-cbf5-4c24-975a-14002cc14cf2

However, they do not show up in the nav, or the control panel, and navigating to the expected URL I get a 404 not found.

No plugins have been setup or used and it's working on two of my machines, just not the server.

Am I doing something wrong with Forge or Git? It all seems to be how it should be setup! Any help would be appreciated :)

Edit: the license hasn't been applied as the domain it's for hasn't been pointed to it yet--is that the issue?

Answered by Jason Varga!
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