I know this is a very strange use case, but so it is...

I have a client that has multiple domains, pointing to one site. All the content that gets served is the same for each site (apart from the home and contact pages, but I figured I can find my way around this by doing some conditional checks in the templates).

I've set a copy of statamic up locally and managed to point two local domains to the same instance and it mostly works...

I've noticed though that the blog's pagination (only the pagination, other links seem fine) loads the url of the primary domain that was used to set the site up on. i.e. it looks like it's using the Locales settings. I tried adding a second locale for the same language, but that didn't work :)

Does anyone have any ideas about how to get this link relative, as with the rest of the system? Or perhaps you have some other suggestion?

I'd really LOVE to use statamic for this project (it will be my first) and I super excited to use it for many more!

Thanks in advance, wouter