My client owes a project built with statamic. I was trying to configure it on my homestead. I downloaded it from digital ocean, and ran it over homestead.

It worked but some images don't work. Searched out for it and read this guide: . But didn't help

i thought it to be cache issue to tried running php please clear:stache, and it stopped the website.

Copied the /local directory from backup and website started running again.

Tried looking into ''local/storage/logs" and the last log file contained "production.ERROR: Driver [] not supported." Not sure which driver it's talking about.

Opened ".env" and found out "APP_ASSETS_IMAGE_MANIPULATION_DRIVER=gd". Researched about it and found out it's a php driver that should be installed. Tried sudo apt-get install php7.2-gd, and it got a message "Already Installed"

Read some more guides and came across its cpanel that can be opened on "/cp". Tried to login but no luck. Found out that new super user can be created using "php please make:user", so created one super-user. But it still does-not lets me it with that user.

I'm very new to statamic and unable to figure out what could be the issue. I'm pretty experience with Laravel, but statamic is giving me a hard time.

Any help would be appreciated.