Hi all, sorry for what's probably a very noob question and also if I get the terminology wrong. I'm new to Statamic and still trying to adapt from WordPress!

So I've created a collection called projects i've then added multiple projects to the collection and built a template within project.html. This has many fieldsets and they all seem to work fine.

I then created a page called projects and mounted my projects collection to this page. The idea for the page is that it will have 3 feature projects at the top then a paginated list of the remaining projects.

So that the user can select any 3 feature projects from the collection I created a relation fieldset with type collection and assign my projects collection to this. I then go into the CMS and select my 3 feature projects.

I now need to output them on my projects template which is projects.html different to the one above.

I've tried everything any can't get any data returning on the page. Even the default ```{{ title }}`` that should display the page title doesn't output anything.

Hope i've been descriptive enough, sorry for the long winded post!

My projects page index.md looks like this

  - b867aff7-bee3-4267-8c80-e0060c2ed64b
title: Projects
fieldset: projects
id: 807e31da-c3f9-46c0-9190-8a2793703d60
mount: projects

My fieldset projects.yaml

    display: 'Featured Projects'
        max_items: '3'
          - projects
        mode: panes
        type: collection
        instructions: 'Select 3 featured projects'
        display: 'Featured Projects'
taxonomies: true
title: Projects
create_title: ''

My projects.html

{{ collection:projects }}
{{ title}}

{{ title}}

{{ overview_title }}

{{ /collection:projects }}
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