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Multi language support

Sebastian Mehl September 10, 2014 by Sebastian Mehl

Congratulations guys for launching The Lodge! It looks and feels great, very nice job.

In our company we use Statamic for small to medium websites and our clients really love it. But there's one thing that would make it even better: Multi language support. Currently we have to use some workarounds to get a multi language website up and running like adding tons of code fragments like this one in our layouts, templates and partials:

{{ if segment_1 == "de" }}German translation{{ elseif segment_1 == "en" }}English translation{{ endif }}

So maybe there's an easier way to deal with this? Thinking even further, it would be very nice to have these "static" text fragments editable via the Control Panel.

In the backend we currently create separate page trees for each language. Here's an exemplary file structure:

  • /en
  • /en/team
  • ...
  • /de
  • /de/team
  • ...

This works absolutely fine but there's some disadvantages coming with it:

Let's say we need a page where team members are listed. At this time we have to create one page for every language. This means we add "John Doe" to the German page, the English page and so on. This will result in a lot of redundant data since first name, last name, age and other assets like portraits are always the same but must be added to each language separately. That makes maintenance harder than it should be.

But the thing we're missing the most is page assignment. Let me give you another example:

If a user is surfing on the English team page and wants to see the same content in German we're not able to link from the English page to the corresponding one in German. We can only link to the German home page unless we assign the pages manually (which is very hard to maintain and very hard for customers to use).

So this is just a quick summary of our wishes regarding multi language support. I know this topic is very complex and can't be covered in a few sentences. Let me know if you need further information or inputs, I'd be happy to help.

Best regards

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