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Sort Collection with Buttons/Links - Active Style?

Kelly September 17, 2018 by Kelly

I have a collection of people, that I'd like to have sort filters visible on the front-end to sort the members by tags I've associated. In this case the tags are leadershipteam, featuredexperts and bod. I believe I've figured out how to sort them using the ?sort=tag a href, but what I don't know how to do is make the URL links active, so that I can have a change of color associated with the active fitler.

So, what I'm looking for is what is the css, or how do I call the link that is actively sorted to make it look different than the other links?

I believe an example of what I'm trying to do is shown in the Statamic marketplace. For instance, when you are sorting by "Most Popular" - and the url is https://statamic.com/marketplace/addons?sort=most-popular then the link MOST POPULAR is given a hotpink styling.

Here's my code: <article class="content"> <p> Sort by: <a href="/about">All</a> <a href="?sort=leadershipteam">Leadership Team</a> <a href="?sort=featuredexperts">Featured Experts</a> <a href="?sort=bod">Board of Directors</a> </p>

Answered by Kelly!
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