Hi! I'm currently finishing a site with a collection of approx. 4000 entries (articles). During the dev process I was using few hundred entries and it was pretty smooth. Not the fastest, but pretty good. However, after I imported the real content it got incredibly slow. Load time varies between 40-150 seconds.

What I tried:
  • caching - caching is great, when cached, it loads under .5 sec. (mostly under .3s) but someone needs to do the first hit, right? Or am I missing some pre-caching feature?
  • redis as cache driver - very little improvement even when cached
  • small templates and partials - they cannot be really smaller like they are now
  • organising the collection to subfolders - well, later I found out that in v2 this is not possible
What I don't think is right:

Breaking the collection into multiple smaller collections. It's a magazine. Every entry belongs to categories, tags, you need a frontpage with the newest, etc. It would be a mess and an overkill to work with in my opinion. Having 40 collections for the exact same type of content just doesn't feel right. But well.. I might try anything if it could really help.

Do you have any other suggestion for how to improve the performance?

I thank you very much for any advice :)