So, on Friday I had to leave the site unable to add / view the taxonomy set we're using.

Today I came in and the staging site was completely down. When I inspected the apache logs, I was running into a memory limit issue. Reboot didn't help, but clearing cache / stache / static did.

I've increased the memory limit as well (previously at 128M), and now both problems are fixed.

Question: My site is getting quite large... is 200+ taxonomy entries too crazy for statamic? Some Notes on Caching: I'm updating the Stache on every request for now I'm not using a static cache on the site yet The longest loading page in the admin is definitely the taxonomies right now. Is there a way to paginate maybe?

While my problem is fixed, I'm concerned, because we're maybe 1/4th of the way through our data set.

What are some things I can do to bullet proof this a bit? THANK CRISTIANO