We're building a website for a conference that spans over 6 days. The first conference cycle is named X and spans over days 1 to 2. The following conference cycle is named Y and spans over days 3-5. The last conference cycle is named Z and takes place on day 6.

When "translating" this to statamic I tried to follow a strict normalization of these events, thus creating a single collection named "events" that lists each and every single conference as an entry. I then assigned a specific tag to each of these events to group them into their relative conference cycle. This works well.

However, it would be great if there was a way to create a sort of "sub collection", whereby I'd have a collection named "events", that incorporates cycles X - Z as sub collections, each of which contains only the relevant entries. The goal is then to create a Page titled "Programme" that contains sub-pages for each conference cycle. It seems as though this isn't possible. Did I miss something?