Hi Everybody,

So I was wondering about the structure of a Statamic website. I have a client who wants to import their data old data to Statamic. The problem is, he doesn't have his data really in order. He got a huge excel sheet that needs to be imported / mapped to a new website, (we're going to use Statamic).


  1. Excel importer addon for Statamic
  2. Create the collections/entrys
  3. ....
  4. Profit?

The problem I'm having is with the second step and probably trying to get my head around the way Statamic works.

  • A collection is a .. well Collection,
  • A entry is a Record
  • A fieldset is the Model/Schema

I can easily create the first two, the documentation of these are top notch. The last one.. not so much. There are Data/Api methods for the Fieldset, but these are not documented (or I can't find them) and so when I import a record I can open it, but I get the default fieldset.

TLDR; How can I create a fieldset through a addon/importer. (Can also be the normal JSON importer)