First timer here, very cool to work with a flat file framework for once. My problem, which is not mentioned in the docs. We'll have a lot of different users, each is the owner of one or multiple events. I created a collection called events. I added an 'Owner' field to each event, so an event is linked to one or multiple users.

When creating a new role, I can only assign that role permissions to "View all events" and "Edit all events".

I would like to have a way to say: "View all events where current user is owner" and "Edit all events where current user is owner".

That way, for the users it won't get as cluttered and they are limited to their own content instead of messing around in places where they shouldn't.

I do not want to use roles + groups, since that would mean I have a new group for each event (probably) and that's not something I'd like.

What is the best way to approach this? Should I create an add-on? Am I correct that this is not a standard functionality in Statamic?